Can you have LASIK eye surgery again?

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July 18, 2018
Is blurry vision after LASIK natural آیا تاری دید بعد از عمل لیزیک طبیعی است
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August 11, 2018
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Can you have LASIK eye surgery again آیا عمل لیزیک چشم را می شود بیش از یکبار انجام داد

Can you have LASIK eye surgery again آیا عمل لیزیک چشم را می شود بیش از یکبار انجام داد

Is LASIK eye surgery permanent?

LASIK surgery provides long lasting vision correction. Most of our patients will only need LASIK once and will enjoy better vision for a lifetime. However, some patients may experience vision changes at some point after surgery. Due to the natural aging process of the eye the effects of this permanent procedure may change, and even reduce, over time. Which begs the question:

Is it possible to have laser eye surgery more than once?

There are a number of different reasons why a second surgery might be required. Every patient must be judged separately, so an expert opinion is required to determine whether an individual should have a second laser eye surgery procedure. It all depends on the amount of tissue in the eye and how much of this was removed during the first surgery.

In theory, it is possible but your surgeon will need to make an assessment of your specific conditions before giving you an answer.

The success rates for laser eye surgery are very high but in about 2 – 3% of cases a second procedure may be required soon after the first. A range of factors including the patient’s eyesight, age and genetics can mean that the eyes under or over heal.

This can lead to blurred vision, glare and some distortion. Normally these kinds of symptoms disappear in the few weeks after surgery but persistent blurring may be a sign that the first surgery has not been 100% effective.

If you find that you’re increasingly having to rely on your glasses for reading or driving some years after surgery, it may be possible to undergo a further corrective treatment.

You might find that as you age you start to rely more on glasses and lenses again but this is 100% natural and common to almost everyone, whether they’ve had treatment or not. In most cases this is not sufficient reason for secondary surgery.


Can I Get LASIK Twice?

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