Cataract vs glaucoma
Cataract vs glaucoma
January 23, 2019
Prevention of Pterygium
Prevention of Pterygium
January 30, 2019
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Do I need eyelid surgery

Modern eyelid surgery brings many benefits, learn what they are below.

  • Restores youthful definition to your eyelids: The eyelids are the first place where ageing is noticed. It is usually a combination of excess skin, bulging fat, drooping brow, loss of bone volume, and increased wrinkles. Modern eyelid surgery involves surgical removal of excess tissue, tightening of loose tissue, lifting of droopy tissue, weakening the hyperactive muscles, redistribution of excess fat and replacing lost volume of bone and fat by using bone substitutes, fat and dermal fillers. Combining these methods can effectively address all and restore youthful definition to your eyelids.
  • Can improve your vision: As we age the muscles that lift our upper eyelid become weak, much like a rubber band losing elasticity. Since the change is gradual, patients don’t notice this as it creeps upon them. One of the first signs of a weak upper eyelid is a forehead wrinkle. When the eyelid is weak it is unable to lift excess fat, excess skin or droopy brow, all of which are common changes with ageing. By tightening the muscle and the ligament, the upper eyelid can open more which improves vision.
  • Removes bulging fat and excess skin: With age the skin becomes paper thin, restraining ligaments become weak, and fat bulges. These cause alterations in the smooth contour of the eyelid by creating bulges and depression that contribute to an ageing look. Cosmetic surgery can remove the excess skin, redistribute fat and sculpt the area and tighten weak ligaments.
  • Can correct a drooping brow and give a more youthful look: The drooping brow is like a curtain rod that is sagging and the eyelid is like the curtain. The excess eyelid skin may be due to the droopy brow. If that’s the case fixing the eyebrow through the same incision at the time of Upper eyelid surgery is effective.
  • Can eliminate dark circles and under eye bags: Dark circles under eyes are due to a combination of three factors. Loss of bony and soft tissue volume of the cheek under the eye, an excess of eyelid fat that often bulges, and the shrinkage of pigmented eyelid skin that results in the ‘darkness’ under the eye. Surgery can remove excess skin, sculpt fat, redistribute excess fat and replace lost bony and soft tissue volume.
  • Can eliminate eyelid and cheek grooves and tear troughs: The tough ligaments that connect skin to bone are more visible as we age. This causes the grooves to be more prominent enhancing the visual appearance of the bulges around them. Eyelid surgery can precisely release these ligaments and reposition fat and restore volume. This ensures and aesthetically pleasing contour of the lower eyelid and mid cheek. Eye wrinkles can be temporarily treated using Botox, however with surgery the muscles that cause the wrinkles around the eyes can be weakened rendering them ineffective. The benefits are instant. The wrinkles are abolished and since this is permanent, there is no need for Botox.


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