Does Lasik change the appearance of your eyes?

Does lasik cause presbyopia آیا عمل لیزیک چشم باعث پیر چشمی می‌شود؟
Does lasik cause presbyopia
September 4, 2019
blepharoplasty for eye bags بلفاروپلاستی برای پف چشمها
blepharoplasty for eye bags
September 18, 2019
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Does Lasik change the appearance of your eyes آیا حالت چشم بعد از عمل لازک تغییر می‌کند

Does Lasik change the appearance of your eyes آیا حالت چشم بعد از عمل لازک تغییر می‌کند

You certainly will look different.  Also, depending on the eye condition you have, is probable your glasses make your eyes look either bigger or smaller. So when you don’t wear them anymore, your eyes might look different. Glasses made mine look smaller, or example.

If you use contact lenses, well, the change may be far less dramatic, but your expression could change and maybe even your gestures, due to the contact lenses use will change a bit also. for the better I must say. But, ultimately and again, after LASIK you will feel freed of the ties of using glasess or contacts. your eyes may not be as irritated and the frequency of blinking is going to be less.

Can lasik change your eye color?

The short answer is no, LASIK cannot change your eye color. LASIK has been used traditionally to correct certain eye conditions such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

As with many medical advancements, it is often discovered that a medication or lasers can have multiple uses. When it comes to laser technology, there is now the potential to change a person’s eye color. However, the laser that is in development to change eye color is a completely different laser than the ones used for LASIK.

In short, lasers can change the color of dark eyes to lighter colors. This is because all eyes are fundamentally the same with the difference being that brown eyes have a layer of pigment on the surface that covers the blue iris. By eliminating the brown melanin, or pigmentation, the eye would appear blue.


Can LASIK Change Your Eye Color?

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