Pain and burning eyes after lasik surgery
Pain and burning eyes after lasik surgery
February 16, 2019
Light sensitivity after lasik
Light sensitivity after lasik
March 5, 2019
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Natural birth after lasik

During pregnancy, many physiological changes occur. The ocular system is also affected by the fluctuating hormones. For instance, sex steroid and thyroid hormone receptors are found on the cornea though the effects of such hormones have not been fully elucidated. Nevertheless, previous studies have noted changes in corneal curvature correlating with the onset and progression of keratoconus and iatrogenic ectasia during pregnancy (Goldich 2014).  For women who have had prior corneal surgeries, few case reports have reported incidences of corneal melting during pregnancy (Goldich 2014). Candidates for LASIK must have stable vision for at least one year (Wilkinson, Cozine, and Kahn 2017). During pregnancy, corneal thickness and curvature have been found to increase between 1 and 16 um with resolution postpartum. This may be attributed to increased fluid retention during pregnancy (Sharma et al. 2006). Due to corneal fluctuation, current recommendations advise refractive surgery for women who are not currently pregnant and avoiding pregnancy for one year after surgery.

We think LASIK before pregnancy is the better option simply for the convenience factor.

Lasik surgery complications come in the form of the drugs used to address surgical complications of refractive surgery. They may be dangerous to the pregnancy or they may pass through the mother’s milk to the baby. Regardless what type of elective refractive surgery is desired, pregnancy and breastfeeding are both contraindications. In Lasik surgery, a woman would be required to take antibiotics and steroid eye drops before and after the Lasik procedure.

Many women have problems wearing contact lenses during pregnancy because of pregnancy-induced dry eye syndrome. After pregnancy, you will want to simplify as many aspects of your life as you can. Who has time to practice proper contact lens hygiene when they have a newborn?

It is quite a common belief that women who have had a laser eye procedure prior to giving birth will be at greater risk of harming the fundus of the eye (the back portion of the interior surface of the eyeball) during labour. However according to Dr Haavel, any woman is at risk, albeit small, and laser eye surgery will not increase that risk at all.


LASIK Before Pregnancy: Anything to Worry About?

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