saying goodbye to glasses
saying goodbye to glasses
April 10, 2019
April 14, 2019
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saying goodbye to glasses

Prescription eyeglasses are quick fixes, not permanent. They do not improve your vision; instead, they only correct it temporarily while you wear the glasses. Some key disadvantages of wearing prescription sunglasses include:

1- 1                They may weaken your eye muscles

Constantly wearing prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses can actually cause your eye muscles to become inefficient. Glasses alter how you would normally use your eyes and can lead to strain. The more your eyes strain, the stronger prescription glasses you will need in the future.

1- 2                You are dependent on them

In order to enjoy your holidays outside, you must carry your prescription sunglasses everywhere you go. You become dependent on them to just enjoy the outdoors and if they were to get lost or broken, you may not enjoy the outdoors at all.

1- 3                They are expensive

Prescription eyeglasses, especially sunglasses, are a costly upfront investment. If they become damaged or lost, you could spend a significant amount repairing or replacing them and it often takes days or weeks for the new pair to arrive.

LASIK is a tried and true procedure that reshapes the inner corneal layer to improve your vision and, in many cases, remove your prescription altogether.

The procedure is quick – it lasts less tan 10 minutes – and is generally painless. The laser is computer guided, which means that it‘s very precise and results are very accurate.

LASIK is not for everyone. Here’s some things you need to know:

  • LASIK can treat severe degrees of nearsightedness, moderate amounts of farsightedness and astigmatism
  • LASIK is for people who are 18 years of age or older and in good general health
  • Your eyes need to be in relatively good health and free from disease as well

Recovery from LASIK is usually rapid and without complications. In fact, many patients see well the same day of the procedure. Of course, your mileage may vary. Typically you will notice dramatic improvement in your vision within a few days of the procedure.

Therefore, life quality is increased as you no longer need to wear contact lenses or glasses.


Say Goodbye To Glasses with LASIK

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